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Hello there,

Welcome to theSmartBug community. I here try to write short technical blog posts which revolve around various technologies.

Programming Languages

The purpose is to share the knowledge I acquired with other fellow developers. When I started learning to code, I used to write code on paper (if you happen to be from India, you might remember those thick Rough registers made out of recycled paper, and that lovely Flair Writeo-meter Pen. Not sure if that pen is still around these days). Funny thing is, I still do use those rough registers sometimes, just the pen has changed. Back in those days, we didn't have many technical blogs explaining crucial steps in the development and mostly everything was to be carried out ourselves.

There's no doubt about the fact that the developers before me had even more challenging journey. It is because of the efforts of those seniors, we now have so many tools which many times, we take for granted.

However, the truth is, the Developer community is the best community ever, even if it roasts you in your early days, its for your own good. They are like the parents you always needed.

This website tries to achieve the same - pass on the knowledge to the young developers, so they don't have to face the same problems we did.

The technical aspects of this website is maintained by a solo developer. However, we are trying to onboard technical writers who would write interesting yet elaborate articles to help the beginners. If you are interested in working with us, please contact us using the contact us form, slightly explaining what topics or tech domains you would prefer to cover in your articles. We do not have any criteria and never shall we have one. As long as you can write articles yourself, feel free to contact.

NOTE: Articles written by ChatGPT or similar AI services can be easily flagged by our system with high accuracy. Plus, that would be morally incorrect to use such services as it is NOT helping anyone

So please do not contact in case you plan to using ChatGPT or similar services.

Lastly, Thank you for visiting this website. The purpose of this website has been achieved.

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